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Non-Profit & Public Sector

Growing demand for programs and government services continues to put pressure on nonprofit and public sector organizations to stretch every dollar and maximize positive outcomes. For years these organizations have had limited options for deploying technologies that fit their budget and deliver needed value.


Throughout the US, it is estimated that almost 60% of processes are still paper based.  GSDS has solutions specifically crafted to meet the needs of the nonprofit and public sector, with pricing models and offerings that deliver value allow more of your dollars to go to important programs.


We believe in working with clients to carefully define business processes, optimize existing systems, integrate new capabilities, and establish and implement proper strategies to achieve measurable cost reductions, transparency, and higher performance of enterprise technologies.

Banking & Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services organizations need to respond quickly to changing demands from customers, shareholders, and changing regulations. Digital transformation is changing the way organizations interact with their customers and how they service their customers wherever and whenever needed.  Within these organizations, implementing a digital transformation strategy is highly centered around customer experience and satisfaction. These organizations have been early adopters of process automation platforms. 

GSDS helps banking and financial services organizations to create highly efficient processes that deliver a great customer experience.  And there is still more opportunity out there to deliver even greater efficiency, drive out operational costs, and meet compliance.   Through effective implementation of digital technology into all areas of a business, you can realize in fundamental changes in how a business operates and the value they deliver to their customers.


Growing patient numbers and demand for lower costs place growing demands on healthcare providers and payers to manage inventory, digitize patient files, maximize appointment times across the system, accelerate billing and claims processing and more.  It is estimated that as much as 1/3 of healthcare operations, especially administrative back-office operations could be automated. GSDS has services to offload and reduce costs in key processes, and to deploy the right technology platforms to optimize others.  

State & Local Government

State or local government organizations need cost-effective IT solutions that fit within strict budgetary requirements. Our clients deserve the performance, agility and security that modern data center solutions offer without sacrificing anything.


With a long-standing history of providing data center solutions for several state and local government agencies, our team understands the challenges that state and local organizations face. Using our methodologies, we have helped our clients evaluate their IT infrastructures, document their processes and determine the requirements to automate those processes and implement the appropriate solution to best meet your goals.


GSDS builds solutions based on industry-leading technology that promises smart, scalable, and secure IT.

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